Laser engraving

Production at our partner

ebets® GmbH

has 6 laser systems that enable engraving on a wide variety of materials. In this way, we create individual solutions and high-quality product finishes by means of laser engraving.

Advantages of laser engraving

  • Natural materials like wood, paper, cork etc can be engraved
  • However, engraving also looks great on metal and plastic and allows two-tone look on digital engraving stickers.
  • In addition, laser marking is gentle on materials and the environment.
  • However, the biggest plus point is certainly the durability and thus the insensitivity to abrasion and solvents.

The following pictures show product examples with laser marking in combination with NFC chips, whether the NFC sticker, digital wooden products, the slate coaster or the business card engraved on one side.

Modernste Maschinen für die Lasergravur bei Sinnup
Production of engraved NFC stickers
Lasergravur auch auf Holz möglich durch SINNUP
NFC wooden ruler with personal laser inscription
Lasergravur nahezu auf allen Materialien möglich durch Sinnup
NFC Cubes made of wood with laser engraving,
natural inlays or stickers
Lasergravur auf Schiefer - Sinnup
Engraving on slate NFC coaster
Gravursticker - Sinnup
Custom NFC stickers
engraved with your design
Lasergravur auch auf Visitenkarten möglich - Sinnup
NFC business card engraving
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