Visual, functional and structured web design.

Visual, functional and structured web design.

Professional website for your success on the net.

  • Do you want an excellently designed website that is tailor-made to suit you and your customers?
  • In terms of design and content as well as SEO, your site should be in the top league?
  • You want a site that meets the latest security standards?
  • But you do not want to pay huge sums but a fair price?

Then you are in the very best hands with us. Our strategy for your new website is based on four pillars. These include the initial consultation, draft design, content and finally the successful launch. Each of these four pillars helps to achieve the best possible result for you. In the end, you will have your very own personal solution for your website that has a high recognition value and is optimally tailored to your target group.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss what specific wishes you have for the homepage in your overall structure, what standards it should meet and what potential customers you would like to address. Because the be-all and end-all is a healthy foundation on which we can build the next steps. Based on our conversation and the resulting analysis for your website, we will provide you with an offer that fits you and your needs. The calculation of prices and corresponding adjustments is carried out transparently and, if necessary, can be carried out promptly and without complications in the event of change requests.

With our experience as web designers and SEO specialists, we have developed various templates as a basis for page creation, which can nevertheless be customized. In this way, we guarantee a fast and efficient implementation of your website. Nevertheless, the look of your site corresponds to a real unique and not at all to a standard model. Even before the contract is signed, we discuss all the necessary key data and deadlines with you. This way you don’t have to wait for texts and you can schedule the launch of the website firmly and bindingly.

Your success is our goal

You will usually receive the first draft of the design for your homepage from us within a few days. We will also be happy to send you these in digitized form so that you can check the effect on all end devices such as computer screens, smartphones and tablets. At this point, you can also test the interactive tools such as “call-to-action buttons” on your end devices. This way, we can use your feedback to develop the best solution for you and adjust it again if necessary.

Legal relevant pages

For a professional website there are many tricks and little things to consider, which we of course keep in mind for you and implement on request. This includes, for example, fitting the imprint in a legally correct form and, depending on the type of content, data protection guidelines. General information pages can also be an important option. In addition to the imprint, these include terms and conditions, FAQs or DSGVO pages. The latter involve content such as a general privacy policy, references to cookies plus a corresponding cookie banner, and information on data subjects’ rights.

Social media, external services and hosting

Depending on your needs, we also integrate external services, such as Google Maps or other links to service pages for your potential customers. The integration of social media channels or the creation of a newsletter may also be of interest to you. Just tell us your ideas and wishes – in any case, the possibilities for implementation are wide-ranging and you will benefit from our expertise in this area.

We will of course take care of the professional hosting of your site right from the start, including all related steps such as finding and registering a suitable domain name and setting up email addresses for the site if you wish. SSL encryption, i.e. a secure connection between the site visitor and the web server, also plays a role and is taken very seriously by us. Permanently and without complications, the necessary storage space on the web server is available so that the tools on your site run without problems – even when the traffic is very high.

We will take the necessary time to discuss the content with you. After all, an individual, incomparable benefit for your customers is always based on the highest possible quality content. OnSite and OnPage optimization in terms of SEO is just as important to us as the individual visual signature of your site, as only both in combination will drive the desired traffic to your site.

SEO as an important cornerstone of your site

Our specialists are very familiar with all SEO tools and will advise you accordingly during the conversation. According to the subsequent coordination and incorporation of the content, we need about two to three weeks for the design of the entire site and can make changes at any time, if desired.

The content for the various web pages will either be supplied by you or you will receive a quote from us in the pre-calculation for writing the texts and editing the images. Embedding videos can also be an important issue. Our SEO-based content specialists are all experienced copywriters.

In addition to the integration of main and secondary keywords, placement of keywords and various other techniques for SEO optimization, we also take care of the appropriate image motifs, if they are not already available. Subsequently, the necessary SEO strategies for the specific content are adjusted to it. Also, a meta description for the Google Snippet is another important point within the texts for your page content. The meta description, provided with the right keywords, acts like a magnet and attracts customers specifically to your website. We are there for you with details like these as well as with the big picture overview.

Total package for your website

When everything is ready after the creation of all pages, including the incorporation of content and interactive elements, we launch your site. With our in-house hosting and domain management, we take care of all site-related tasks for you, so you can continue to pursue your core business with complete relaxation. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to maintain the website. If you have already had a page, this is also no problem at all. So that there is no regression in SEO ranking, we redirect the affected websites to the new website.

You decide what your ideas and content goals are for your homepage – taking into account your industry and target clientele. We support you from the first meeting to the final launch with words and deeds, implement your ideas and complement them if necessary with the appropriate know-how. And should you have any change requests in the course of time – no problem, we are always there to help. Your success and satisfaction are our goals.

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