Unsere NFC Lösung, ist Ihr Weg zum Ziel.

NFC – Near Field Communication  (Nahfeldkommunikation)


Kontaktloser Austausch von Daten zwischen zwei Geräten in der Nähe.

Data transmission

Instead of a QR code, a so-called NFC tag is used (antenna with chip).


Smartphones, tablet PCs, smartwatches and cashless payments, to mention just a few.

SINNUP® - intelligent everyday solutions with NFC

Things to know about NFC

NFC (Near Field Communication) describes the data readout between an active transmitter and a passive receiver. The passive NFC tags are equipped with a tiny data chip whose information can be viewed as soon as it is supplied with power. It obtains this through electromagnetic induction activated by an active NFC transmitter, such as a smartphone.

Near field communication impresses with its ease of use, high level of security, versatile applications and economical handling without consuming the NFC chip’s own energy.

The overarching goal of SINNUP is to make relevant information and documents easily and purposefully available with a smartphone or tablet where they are immediately needed. To do this, we use innovative NFC technology and develop intelligent solutions with integrated NFC chips for everyday business.

Whether for the business card, the key fob, the entrance and exit control or as a more effective advertising medium: With our NFC solutions, you too will hit the digital nerve of our time, accelerate work processes and remain in the lasting positive memory of your customers.

For more information on how NFC chips work, downloadable folders and the production of NFC items, click here:

SINN App - Read and write NFC and QR codes

The easiest way to describe chips is with our SINN app. This makes sense for NFC tags that do not need to be controlled. Simply write yourself a link, a WLAN access and much more on a chip. You decide whether to generate a QR code or work with NFC tags.
Soon you will find the download link for the SINN App here.

Cloud-based NFC platform and TAG management

Sinnup NFC Cloud Plattform und TAG Management Skizzierung

At the heart of our products is an NFC platform to which all SINNUP products are linked. Der Kunde kann die Plattform selbst betreiben oder die von SINNUP angebotene Wartung in Anspruch nehmen. With the NFC platform, each solution can be tailored directly to the customer. In just a few steps, an existing product can also be adapted to the CI of a new customer, including the CI of a new product. special requests can be coordinated. The customer thus has an overview of his products or when which target group uses his products.

One of the easiest ways to encode an NFC chip is – “just” to open a web page with it. Often this is also quite sufficient. Our cloud-based NFC platform offers a number of additional capabilities. If NFC labels are designed in a controllable way, different content can be displayed within a campaign with a measurable result. All chips assigned to the cloud platform are individually coded and are traceable. This means that products that are connected to these NFC inlays can always be uniquely identified.

We are happy to take over the control of the content, alternatively we can also create our own accesses for the platform in order to be able to manage the campaigns ourselves. We offer a number of applications in the platform, which are described below. We are also happy to discuss your business idea with you and develop customized solutions. We can also implement individual landing pages tailored to your CI or solutions for multilingualism.

Our NFC solutions for your requirements

The SINNUP – Solution

The NFC finder as an intelligent communication solution with customer connectivity.

The SINNUP – Solution

Simplify ordering of original parts for their customers in a closed store.

The SINNUP – Solution

Service tag: retrieve up-to-date product documentation in the correct language directly at the product.

The SINNUP – Solution

Measurability of communications interactively at the booth or via evaluation.

The SINNUP – Solution

BUSINESS CARD: The digital business card!

The SINNUP – Solution

Interactions with NFC Sticker: WLAN password available with one touch.

Buy NFC tags and benefit from innovative technology

If you decide to buy uncoded NFC chips or NFC stickers with coding from us, you can discover our comprehensive product portfolio in the store. SINNUP also offers versatile NFC promotional items that are already NFC tags have built in the following designs: Business cards, Bracelets, Cups, Sticker, Keychain, embedded in cork orWood products.

Ideas for useful, creative NFC solutions

Promoter Page - NFC Tags steuern

Promoter Page - Control NFC Tags

Don’t just fix code links but make them controllable – that’s the motto of the Promoter Page. This allows entire batches of NFC items to be remotely assigned a different content at any given time.

This module is great for campaigns with different content at different times.

Personalisierungsmodul zum Kennzeichnen von Produkten


Our personalization module can be used to mark products. In the picture, for example, a cup is digitally branded with the customer’s own name. This means that when I touch the cup again with my smartphone after personalizing it via NFC scan, the screen says: “This cup belongs to Christoph”. Additionally, web links can also be included in the landing page. The module is suitable for labeling a wide variety of products, but is also used in marketing.

NFC Finder - Das digitale Fundsystem
NFC Finder - The digital lost and found system

The NFC Finder is not a classic lost property system in the conventional sense where found objects are thrown into the mailbox. Rather, it is a digital lost property system where the finder can notify the owner in real time where he found the lost item. In addition, this product is the perfect advertising medium both analog with e.g. logo printing and with the digital message on the customer’s smartphone.

onetouchlabel - NFC Tag codieren ohne APP
NFC-Tags codieren mit onetouchlabels

With this module, NFC tags can be easily written with the smartphone. Whether simply links, call numbers or pictures and videos.

Die NFC Visitenkarte definiert eine Visitenkarte neu und digitalisiert
Business Card - Digital Communication

The classic business card combined with modern features. Make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. The customer also receives all information in digital form with your NFC business card. In addition, it can be used to distribute documents such as price lists, product news and much more.

Digi Bag - The digital trade fair bag

Bags full of brochures were yesterday – everything can also be sorted on a card in digital form.

Visitors to showrooms and trade fairs receive their personal MyDigibag card. With this, the desired product documents are collected at the trade fair booths and info points and can be called up again and again with the smartphone.

Communication Cubes

The practical communication tool for your smartphone with many new possibilities.

Buy Personalized NFC Tags

A clear advantage of SINNUP lies in the in-house production of high-quality NFC articles. This enables us to act flexibly according to your ideas and to design all NFC products completely according to your wishes. For example, you can buy an NFC chip with your company logo that provides information about individual products or services of your company for interested parties.

Buy NFC tags and optimize everyday operations

With NFC stickers from SINNUP, your employees or customers have the possibility to retrieve various product information, operating instructions or maintenance protocols with their smartphone – easily without an app, up-to-date and targeted, directly at the product and in the right language.

Work equipment, processes, room bookings and other functions are digitally processed and can be viewed by all authorized employees in a matter of seconds. Even entry and exit control is possible with the clever NFC chips. This saves you time, effort and money.

Promotional NFC Stickers, NFC Keychains and NFC Business Cards

For high-impact campaigns, we offer a range of already configured NFC products in our store. If you want to clearly stand out from your competition, NFC stickers or stickers (also available as Doming 3D stickers) and keychains are the first choice.

Especially at trade fairs, our NFC promotional items stand out from the crowd of typical giveaways like ballpoint pens and unmistakably testify that your company has its finger on the pulse.

Our NFC Finder key fobs are especially popular. Thanks to the built-in NFC chip, in case of loss, the finder can contact the owner anonymously. The nerve-racking hunt for lost items is finally a thing of the past.

Our NFC business cards also prove extremely useful in everyday life. Thanks to electromagnetic data transfer, new contact data is automatically stored in the digital address book – without manual entry.


SINNUP integrates NFC chips in 3D stickers,
which are produced in-house without hazardous substances.

SINNUP - Your strong partner for NFC tags

Make your company’s operations much more efficient and take advantage of the significant benefits of SINNUP NFC tags. Buy our technical solutions and inspire your employees and customers alike!

Want to find out more about our premium NFC items? Then contact us directly! Simply call us at +43 7733 21600, send us an e-mail (office@sinnup.at) or use our contact form. We are happy to be of service to you.

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