App und mobile Entwicklung bei Sinnup-wir machen es möglich

SINN APP: Making NFC technology usable for everyone.

Our SINNUP APP, coming soon to your IOS App store or Google Play store.

APP End User – License Agreement

Easily program NFC tags or even design QR codes with an app. A number of functions are available, including:

  • The Business Card – simply share contact
  • Link / URL – web page
  • Share social media channel
  • Share phone number
  • Create email, SMS or WLAN access
  • Bluetooth connect
  • Share position
  • Text QR code as NFC encode, etc….
  • Click here for detailed APP instructions

NFC chip and QR code functions can be started or viewed in detail with the app.

Furthermore, the app offers you the history of already created QR codes and NFC chips.
This is the first stage of expansion; in a further step, more practical applications are planned especially for resellers.
From a white label function to a tag management system where, for example, the contents of QR codes and NFC tags can be managed and tracked.

The beginning of a solution-oriented app…

APP and mobile development

APP development for Android and IOS

Today’s requirements for the perfect APP include anytime expandable functions, fulfillment of user expectations and high user-friendliness.

Things to know about APP development

We design and develop the desired app together with you.

  • Do you want to establish your company in the mobile world?
  • Target group-oriented user behavior is their ambition?
  • Looking for an app solution?

We at SINNUP are all that and much more: a creative, young, dynamic team equipped with expertise awaits you. To develop your desired APP is a challenging and at the same time interesting task, the containing possibilities and requirements, to implement your expectations in the best possible way, to realize technical features.

You have a project? Then you are exactly right with us. You will be part of our team in every phase of the development stage up to the final test environment. SINNUP – we make digital tangible (for you), that’s our motto, that’s not what we say, that’s what our numerous customers say.

An app for your business.

A company for your APP.

SINNUP makes it possible.

APP development

App development starts with the requirements for your new APP.We will now tell you about Flutter, Framework (native or cross-platform) or React Native.

What is native software development? In short, it is working or programming with (SDKs) development kits for iOS and Android in Swift / Java and Kotlin respectively. The APP can be programmed and built cross-platform and in a common code base. This allows the developer to integrate different programming languages in one APP like: Dart in Flutter. We could also tell you about ARM code, but it is much more important that your new APP meets your requirements and provides clear added value to the user.

History of programming languages

At the beginning was Fortran (Anno 1954), HTML came only 1989. You may have heard HTML before. Through daily work with HTML, proposals and solutions emerged that gave rise to two types of development. Flutter and React Native emerged as a more advanced way to develop.

Behind every APP is an architecture that needs to find the balancing act to provide the best performance and user experience. The APP structure should also be cost-effective in order to make the use of an APP economically viable. We are happy to sound out with you whether an APP really makes SENSE with you and give you honest feedback. It is in our interest to develop APPs only if they can also represent a clear added value for you and your target group.

What is important?

If an APP can be SENSEFUL for your business, it’s on to what the APP should be able to do and the design. In order to present your brand properly and thus keep the customer in the best possible way in the digital environment they are used to, the APP should also be adapted to your current digital environment. The functions and partly also the architecture must be developed differently for Android and iOS. The performance, with simultaneous user-friendliness and low utilization of the CPU also place high demands on the programming.

Profitability, service and maintenance are different for Android and iOS. Changes to the code are implemented on platforms with a delay or require an update to the operating system, so further work on the APP may be required here for updates.
We are also happy to make digital tangible for you.


What is a flutter, please?

One thing first, it has nothing to do with light, that much is certain. No, it’s an open source development kid from Google. This is based on Dart, which is a programming language from Google.

The development kid is used to translate a source code into an applicable programming language. Flutter is thus not a wrapper for Android and iOS, rather UI is rendered from scratch using a C++ library called Skia ( It is an excellent prototyping tool that this team promotes thanks to its hot reloads functionality. Perfect for developers to quickly adapt to the flutter / dart.

So what is React Native now?

Simply explained: React Native comes from Facebook and is based on the React JavaSript Library. It is a framework and was first published in 2015. It allows developers to design and develop JavaScript with native mobile applications.
Facebook and Airbnb have used it in development or are still using it.

What is important?
  1. The design to showcase your brand properly, keeping customers at their best in the digital environment they’re used to. Features are also taken into account from the start, because Android and iOS have to be developed differently for this.
  2. The performance, i.e. the speed with simultaneous user-friendliness and low utilization of the CPU, which certainly affects the memory requirements and power consumption in turn, is also thought of.
  3. Profitability, service and maintenance, saving resources, the reality does not always look the same. Android and iOS differ, as it has to be handled differently depending on the platform. Changes to the code are implemented on platforms with a delay or require an update to the operating system, so updates here can be delayed. Together with them, we work out a schedule for this.
What we offer?
We focus on your goals and target groups. The goal and the target group form the basis of the APP or web development. We see the website as the basis for further digital applications and as the interface of your digital presence. An APP should therefore also optimally integrate and use the digital resources already available and offer the target group added value. We also design your web presence, whether completely redesigned or a relaunch, for sole proprietorships to SMEs. The basis always remains the same, your wishes, your brand. All of this feeds into what is sure to be a challenging and exciting new project. Important is the know-how of our employees, which flows into each individual project. Your budget is never left out of sight thanks to the agile and innovative approach of our project management. In time, we provide you with a qualitative and state-of-the-art feature for your digital extension.
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