NFC and paper products

The classic NFC print product is definitely the paper NFC business card. Looks like a normal card, but has digital added value. Especially at trade fairs, our business cards are a useful tool for networking. Simply holding the business card up to the smartphone can transfer data or contacts. Due to the high-quality workmanship, the NFC chip is not visible from the outside.

NFC paper products can be produced in a wide variety of designs:

  • Classic business card in typical check card format
  • Postcard, e.g. with a greeting card coding Upload photos from vacation
  • Calendar with different digital content per month
  • Brochure or folder
  • Flyers and invitations with digital invitation management
NFS Visitenkarte Sinnup

Processing of NFC inlays in paper

We cooperate with a regional printing partner in the production of NFC and paper. The family business is an absolute premium supplier with innovative machinery and enormous experience. Together, we developed a solution to incorporate the NFC inlays cleanly and automatically into the paper. We have agreed on a specific type of paper, which is doubled and reaches a thickness of 0.6 mm. The finishing is done with professional digital printing   The result can be absolutely seen  .

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