Digital Print & 3D Sticker

From the motif to the finished sticker

Almost all products can be personalized with stickers. Der integrierte NFC Chip sorgt hier für die Verbindung zur digitalen Welt. In production, we can produce a wide variety of NFC stickers, whether high-quality two-color stickers by laser engraving or the premium Visdome® 3D Sticker, just tell us your requirement.
There are a few things to consider in advance, such as whether the sticker should work outdoors and be durable, or if it will be stuck to metal surfaces. We are also happy to accommodate individual wishes in terms of sizes, shapes and colors.

Digital printing

With the digital printers it is possible to place your logo in perfect color quality on the products together with an NFC chip. Simply as a sticker or perfectly staged for rollups, trophies and much more.

Beim Digitaldruck ihr Logo mit einem NFC Chip plazieren


The classic sticker, here an NFC tag is incorporated into a doming mass resulting in a sticker with a cool 3D look. Ideal also for outdoor applications, durable and weatherproof.

Einarbeitung eines NFC Tags in eine Domingmasse

There are a few things to keep in mind when producing NFC stickers!

NFC stickers can open up many possibilities. However, in order to really enjoy it, a few important things need to be taken into account when buying it. Above all, the surface to which the sticker must later be stuck is crucial. If it is made of metal, for example, a special shielding foil must be integrated so that an NFC chip can be read.

Whether the sticker is positioned indoors or outdoors is decisive for the adhesive strength. Cut and size can be selected individually. However, in order to be able to design stickers cost-effectively, it makes sense that the NFC inlays from the standard range with the sizes diameter 22mm or 12x19mm can be accommodated. The larger the NFC inlay, the stronger the reception during reading.

Advantages of NFC 3D stickers


We use an isocyanate-free material that is free of hazardous substances. Doming material that does not cause ecological burdens for people and the environment. UV light curing is also completely harmless.

UV light-curing

The UV light provides a fast and uniform Curing and guaranteed thereby a Significantly improved quality the surface.

High transparency

The high transparency of the glossy surface is due to the extreme purity of the material. The crystal clear, glossy surface creates a particularly noble three-dimensional effect. 

Durable & Weatherproof

Visdome resin cures under UVA light and is UV and moisture resistant.  This makes the stickers absolutely weatherproof. No yellowing and fading tarnish the brilliant appearance!

Hardness elastic

The hard elastic and flexible synthetic resin makes it possible for the first time to apply the 3D stickers even on curved surfaces.

Smooth & tack free

Due to the smooth, adhesive-free surface of the doming stickers,   soiling is greatly reduced - especially also in the outdoor area.

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