Conciergecube - Meetingcube - Businesscube - ein Cube von Sinnup

Conciergecube, Meetingcube, Businesscube – whatever, it’s an NFC cube that you design as you like…


The NFC Contact Cube is also a real winner as a promotional gift. The handy desk accessory is always up to date thanks to your remote control and prospects can contact you instantly by touching the NFC cube with their cell phone or visit your online presence such as store, Facebook or blog without much effort to learn more about your new products and daily news.

Use the Kitchen Cube also in the private sphere. Whether cooking or shopping, the NFC Cube makes everyday life much easier. The smart NFC Cube provides you with many conveniences in the kitchen: Just hold your smartphone to the NFC Cube to get information about recipes or your shopping list. Even an egg timer, your playlist or the digital newspaper for Sunday breakfast are ready for you at any time.

Your Councierge in an NFC Cube - the Hotelcube

You want to offer your hotel guests something special to inform them about your service and various offers? With conciergecube you have many options that will delight your visitors! Events, photos, the daily menu, a hotel playlist for relaxing or the direct connection to the reception – with the help of the NFC cube, there is a lot to discover to make your guests’ hotel stay even more enjoyable and exciting. For the perfect design, equip the NFC Cube with the wood type or natural material of your choice. Thanks to different colors and material structures, you can thus coordinate the NFC Cube individually and according to your taste with the office or interior design.

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