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Our latest posts:

NFC Chips ohne Codierung - die einfachste und günstigste Möglichkeit

Possibilities of NFC coding

NFC chips without encoding – the easiest and cheapest way NFC chips without coding are often used in practice for access control, event apps, car sharing apps, and much more. Due to the unique UID

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IOS 14 NFC Funktionen bei Apple werden erneut erweitert

IOS 14 NFC functions at Apple are extended again

There were already a number of enhancements last fall with iOS 13. This included reading and writing NFC TAGS (NDEF standard) and Apple also allowed direct access to important NFC protocols. Especially app developers thus

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NFC eröffnet Unternehmen neue Möglichkeiten

NFC opens up new opportunities for companies

Digital business cards One way you can effectively use NFC as a business is with digital business cards. Here, the classic business card, which by its nature is only capable of communicating a very manageable

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