Kontakt Verfolgung mit QR-Code oder NFC Chip

Practical, efficient and much more effortless – contact tracking with QR code or NFC chip


There is no way around capturing your visitors

For you as a restaurant or hotel business, Covid19 guest tracing, as the storage of your guests’ contact data is called, is currently a must. The date and time of the visit must also be recorded. The goal is that if an infection is detected during or shortly after the visit, more rapid action can be taken and it is possible to trace chains of infection more expeditiously. But where the restaurant industry is already very busy with the overall situation, all the paperwork doesn’t make the situation any easier. Contact tracing paperless is an optimal alternative here to save a lot of work and stress.

Kontaktverfolgung mit NFC Chip oder QR-Code

Record and conveniently manage all data via QR code

Here, contact tracking takes place with QR codes or NFC chips. The way it works is very simple: you receive high-quality produced stickers to collect the data of the guests. You can easily stick them directly on the tables, use wooden cubes for them, equip your menu with them, provide a small extra area or find other solutions according to your needs. Since the stickers are versatile, you are allowed to be creative and find the most efficient way.

Guests simply need to scan the code on the sticker with their smartphone or other compatible device. Customers immediately fill out the contact tracking document on screen and save it for your business. This is how you keep the paperless overview with Contact Tracing.

The clear advantages of contact tracking with QR code

First, the speed of tracking and thus the contribution to the containment of the pandemic must be mentioned here. If you have all your visitors’ data available online, a few button presses on screens or keyboards are enough to quickly have the desired data set in front of your eyes. If a person from the health department calls, it is possible for you to provide answers and make an important contribution in the shortest possible time. 

On the other hand, the scannable stickers will leave an excellent impression on your guests who visit you to have a relaxing time at your place. QR codes make it possible to tick off contact data in no time at all and avoid unnecessary waiting times. As a company, you also appear very contemporary with Covid19 Guest Tracing. There is no need to assign an employee to manage the documents. You can also respond quickly and easily to changes in requirements and legislation, for example with regard to data protection. 

Thus, thanks to tracing, firstly, your guests will be satisfied, secondly, you will save yourself a lot of work, and thirdly, you will benefit from a modern, flexible method of contact data collection.

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