SINNUP bietet neben Beratung im Projektgeschäft auch NFC Produkte und Softwaremodule an

NFC Reseller – Become a SINNUP reseller and benefit from the NFC platform


SINNUP and NFC trading partners

Meaningful products such as digital NFC advertising media will revolutionize the advertising market to some extent. For the first time, the classic haptic advertising medium is linked with various online channels in a meaningful and simple way. Especially in exciting times like these, sustainable products are in focus. Our production therefore takes place primarily in Austria, which is also due to our high quality standards. The network of dealer partners is currently being qualitatively expanded, particularly in the DACH region. Since the focus is on quality partnerships, the number is limited. In addition to producing NFC giveaways, SINNUP also offers a range of software packages. Perfect for resellers and agencies is our NFC cloud platform. This provides you with a tool for controlling and producing digital advertising materials for your customers, and you can use any of our modules depending on your requirements. In addition to digitizing products, we also offer custom branding of products. The finishing with your logo is done in house.


First of all, not every reseller is automatically listed as an NFC trading partner. Some of our products require explanation and a higher level of service. But this price for innovative giveaways pays off. From our experience we know that products with TOP prepared documents that are understood stand for sustainable success.

It is extremely important to us – that resellers engage and identify with our product. Only in this way can the content be communicated to the customer in a comprehensible way. We are happy to offer training on-site or online via teams. Half an hour to an hour is usually enough to get started. Our resellers also receive a discount on our products and software modules.

Partner werden bei Sinnup

Creative agencies

The development of joint customer solutions is our focus. Agencies in particular have very good access to their customers here. We are happy to provide ideas and the agency can implement this in the client’s CI. We can also take over the communication with the customer directly, especially for more complex projects. Often, direct conversations then result in completely different ideas that often have an even greater impact. Or the other way around, one project becomes several – our technology as a door opener for your success.

Promotional items and innovative giveaways

The link between the haptic and digital worlds often provides the basis for innovative digital promotional products. We have a range of NFC promotional items in our store that can be purchased directly. If necessary, these can also be upgraded with our software modules. Even as a promotional products dealer, training on our products makes sense in order to be able to convey the contents accordingly.

NFC platform - the heart of our products

On the software side, the basis is our NFC platform. Whether an own product or a module from us, with the help of this platform content can be controlled and also evaluated. Thus, promotions become measurable and their success can be evaluated. Furthermore, the platform clearly sets you apart from the competition. For example, you can buy NFC chips from us in stock and use them for specific projects. Thus, it is then also possible to generate samples within a short time and to serve customers quickly.

Become our NFC retail partner and actively shape the new way of marketing with us.

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