Digitale Give-Aways und Online Events in Pandemiezeiten

Digital giveaways and online events in pandemic times


Why haptic promotional items at online events?

To briefly elaborate, I was recently at a tasting event – online, of course. For this purpose, packages were sent to the participants before the event. At the event, the content was presented online and you had the opportunity to try things out yourself at home in front of your laptop. But this does not only make sense for “Schmankerlboxen”. Customers need haptic objects that remain in their memory. We offer giveaways for this purpose, with which you can also build a direct bridge to the digital event thanks to NFC technology.

As an example, our Cubes: Each side of the cube supports a theme of the online event. These giveaways allow attendees to interactively participate in the event. You just need to stop your smartphone to the certain side of the cube and you will be provided with additional information. As a sustainable option, the contents of the individual cube pages can also be filled with personal content after the event.

More about this also with us on the website.

What remains for us after the pandemic

Many have made good use of the past year to implement digital business ideas. Some of it was also born out of necessity. As a simple example, consider the many miles saved in sales due to video conferencing. It’s also gratifying how many new platforms have been created online. After the pandemic, many hybrid solutions are likely to crystallize out of this. But what always remains is the need for a haptic giveaway. Last year we introduced the digital trade show bag – intended purely for stationary trade shows. Meanwhile, we also offer the module for showrooms and as a giveaway for video consultations.

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