NFC Chips ohne Codierung - die einfachste und günstigste Möglichkeit

Possibilities of NFC coding


NFC chips without encoding - the easiest and cheapest way

NFC chips without coding are often used in practice for access control, event apps, car sharing apps, and much more. Due to the unique UID number, which every NFC chip automatically has, a unique and exact assignment or recognition of a person or an object can be made.

The UID is unique worldwide and cannot be deleted or changed. This means that each NFC chip is unmistakably identified.

Alternatively, you can order the NFC chips uncoded and carry out the coding yourself via smartphone.

NFC chips with fixed coding - the practical and simple solution

Here, the NFC chips are encoded with the individual content according to the customer’s request. With our automated coding system, we can code each NFC chip individually and quickly for you. The most common encoding is web links or URLs. Of course, there is other pre-coded content, such as:

  • Open a text of your choice
  • vCard
  • Open app/program, if the app is not installed, the App Store opens automatically
  • Send an SMS or an e-mail
  • Start a phone call

Here there is the possibility to protect the content by write protection, so no subsequent changes can be made. However, the write protection can no longer be removed. A cost-effective solution if, for example, a fixed link is sufficient and no changes or evaluations are planned.

TOP solution: controllable NFC chips - changeable content

This solution is similar to the fixed pre-coded NFC chips. However, with one fundamental difference, the content is remotely controllable. With our smart modules, individual chips or QR codes can be managed in batches. This means that each product can be tailored for the customer and changed again on an ongoing basis. In addition, you can access evaluations of whether the customer is using the NFC product.

Our smart modules are divided into:

  • Promoter Page – controllable web link management
  • Digital personalization – controllable web link + personalization field
  • Fundsystem – Digitales Lost & Found System
  • Business Card – Digital Business Card
  • Onetouchlabel – NFC chip easy to write yourself without app
  • My Digibag – digital exhibition bag, perfect supplement or replacement of printed documents

Hopefully, we have been able to introduce you to the possibilities of NFC coding here.

We will be happy to answer your individual questions on this or other topics. Just click here and leave your message.

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