Sticker mit NFC-Tags oder QR-Codes für die innovativen App Clips von Apple

Stickers with NFC tags or QR codes for the innovative App Clips from Apple


App Clips and their functions

Unlike the full app, an app clip uses only a specific small part of an app. This is used, for example, when ordering food, paying parking fees or renting an e-scooter or car. Using the App Clip ensures that the user immediately has the appropriate feature of the app needed for the application at hand.

The app clip can be scanned via NFC tag or QR code and shows the user all necessary information regarding the application on a card. App Clips are available in Safari and the News and Maps apps. They can also be found wherever providers offer their services via QR codes, NFC tags or app clip codes.

Added value of the app clips for the user and the provider

Since an app clip can’t be larger than 10 MB, it loads extremely quickly and doesn’t take up much disk space. This saves the user time when using the respective application, which is a great advantage especially in the mobile data network. When you use a feature for the first time, you don’t always have to download the entire app before you can get started, thanks to the available App Clip.

The app clip leads the user directly to the required feature. So you can use an application first when you are on the road. Later, you can decide at your leisure whether you really need the complete app. If you like the app, you can download it easily with a tap of your finger.

But App Clips don’t just offer benefits to users. Providers of services that can be used via app also benefit from the small app clips. After all, thanks to them, they can offer their services to many users without them having to download the entire app right away on the mobile data network. Thus, one or the other user will decide to use an application more often in order to test it and convince himself of the possible functions.

Have stickers for NFC tags or QR codes printed by the expert

If you want to use an app clip to provide your services, you will need stickers with the corresponding NFC tag or QR code. To ensure that the stickers are legible and long-lasting, you should rely on the expertise of a specialist company like SINNUP GmbH when printing them. This uses for the production of the matching stickers high-quality adhesive film, which adheres for a long time and also withstands the effects of weather in the best way. 

Thus, the useful information on the app clip is accessible to all users for a long period of time, which brings the service providers new clientele and more orders at any time. In addition, the stickers can be customized with the provider’s corporate identity to achieve a higher recognition value. The high quality custom stickers are available here in the online store.

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