NFC eröffnet Unternehmen neue Möglichkeiten

NFC opens up new opportunities for companies


Digital business cards

One way you can effectively use NFC as a business is with digital business cards. Here, the classic business card, which by its nature is only capable of communicating a very manageable amount of information, is supplemented by NFC technology. In addition to the few references recorded in written form, the digital business card thereby also sends a variety of additional information. For example, you can use a small business card to communicate price lists or even opening hours. The digital business card as a well-designed NFC print product allows your company to provide potential customers with all relevant information about itself in a minimal space.

Digitale Visitenkarten mit NFC Technologie

Interactive advertising

A second, very interesting field of application for NFC is interactive advertising. As we all know, it is not easy for companies to make their advertising stand out from the multitude of visual impressions that people encounter in their everyday lives. It can therefore be a great advantage to turn customers into agents themselves, so that they leave their role as passive recipients of stimuli. This is where NFC comes into play. If you, as a business owner, include small, low-cost channels in each of your printed advertisements, you can make offers to the target audience to interact. This can take many forms, such as gambling, or directing potential customers to your pages on social media platforms. Almost more crucial, however, is the interaction itself. Because people who actively approached your storefront or billboard and participated in the NFC you initiated with their smartphone are much more likely to remember your advertising.

Digital nameplate

Another attractive NFC application is the digital nameplate. While here, too, the space on which information can be recorded in writing is naturally limited, NFC allows the transmission of a whole wealth of additional information about the corresponding product. For example, assembly instructions can be called up directly on the product, as can service records. An additional advantage here is that such information is displayed directly in the language of the receiving smartphone, and thus in that of the customer. It is also possible to order spare parts this way.

Ein weiterer NFC Einsatz ist das digitale Typenschild

Comprehensive information for the customer during the purchase decision-making process

NFC also allows you to provide comprehensive information about goods offered on site. Supermarkets and the food service industry in particular can benefit from this. For example, NFC allows diners at a restaurant to easily find out all the ingredients of a dish on the spot. Especially for people with allergies, this holds great advantages, while you as an operator only need to equip your menus with inexpensive NFC technology. In supermarkets, an NFC tag is conceivable, which is attached next to the classic price tag and also provides information about the ingredients, but perhaps also about the country of origin and the production conditions there. The case is somewhat different for museums, but they can benefit just as clearly from a well-designed NFC deployment. This is because NFC allows visitors to conveniently provide background information on each exhibit via their smartphones.

Umfassende Produktinformationen vor Kaufentscheidung durch NFC

Object monitoring

Another field where you can use NFC to further streamline the company structure is object monitoring. Larger companies in particular often have their own security to protect against theft and industrial espionage. The decisive factor here is that this protection does not have any unwanted gaps. By registering the members of the security through NFC, not only can a complete guarding of the company be guaranteed and precisely tracked in retrospect, but at the same time the hours worked are meticulously recorded. NFC can therefore be very helpful in protecting your business.

Digital accompaniment of trade fairs

NFC is particularly interesting when it comes to the organization and smooth running of your appearances at large trade fairs. Instead of the annoying leaflets, participants simply receive a small card that is NFC-enabled. This allows them to be fully informed about the program and the individual offers. At the same time, the participants can be optimally supported during the event itself, since conversely their field of interest is also precisely captured by the NFC application. All in all, your trade fair presentations will gain in clarity and become much more streamlined. Apart from that, you as the organizer also produce noticeably less waste.


Every company has a number of often valuable items that are not processed in production like raw materials. This includes, for example, machinery or office equipment. NFC can help keep track of this at all times. This is because a simple NFC sticker at the entrance of each business unit allows you to update or retrieve the respective inventory at any time. The relevant information is therefore both accurate and available to you around the clock.


Overall, NFC allows you to more streamlined work and especially administrative processes. It can be used in a variety of ways to save time and simplify complex processes. Moreover, NFC changes your relationship with customers for the better. They are more integrated, experience more and are more likely to remember advertising through their own interaction with it. Your customers can be provided with more information, which at the same time is very clearly presented and takes up little space. NFC is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly because its production efficiently replaces expensive, bulky data carriers – such as brochures at trade shows. Overall, it is advisable for you as an entrepreneur to take a close look at this technology and the new opportunities it creates. You should also consider developing your own creative applications here. It can be worth it.

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