Top QR-Code Scanner für iOS, Android, Windows und Blackberry

Top QR Code Scanner for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry


QR codes contain various information such as web links, phone numbers, dates, etc.

With the smartphone and the appropriate APP, the information can be read out in a flash. But which APP is the right one?

Reading the QR codes depends on the following factors:

Scanner APP
Lighting conditions
Smartphone Camera
Size and quality of the QR code

The different readers differ in speed, recognition rate and also in the identification of the encrypted information.

Here is our clear recommendation:


There is hardly a QR code that is not scanned in a flash with this APP. INIGMA is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. In addition to QR codes, the reader also scans the special formats Data Matrix and 1D barcode. A super feature is also the history, where the information is saved for later.


Finally, tips for using QR codes

  • Open QR Code Scanner APP
  • Fix the QR code with the camera and wait until it is captured.
  • It is important to ensure sufficient exposure and keep the smartphone steady, then the information behind the QR code is quickly identified.
  • Now it is possible to open the URL or, for example. save the contact in your phonebook
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