eLearnings and information dissemination with NFC


NFC technology gives customers a haptic and digital experience. Instead of searching for information in a roundabout way on the web, the desired content can be accessed directly on the smartphone via information boards and rollups. Launch videos and eLearning tools, or simply offer customers more in-depth information about products.

A rollup as a portable interactive medium

In training courses, it turns teaching into an experience when the content is accessed interactively or solutions are communicated via the digital content of the rollups. If you use the rollups at trade shows, they support sales, documents can be downloaded via the rollup and taken home without heavy lugging. Contact details are stored directly on the visitor’s cell phone via a vCard.

NFC Rollup als portables interaktives Medium

Acry Infoboards

A new way to disseminate information, save paper and inspire users or students. NFC infoboards at new middle schools were a step in this direction.

Various fields of interest are placed on the board, where students can interactively find out about available apprenticeships. Thus, there is a place to use the smartphone in school wisely for their future.

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