NFC-Sticker-Was muss ich bei der Auswahl beachten-SINNUP

NFC stickers: What do I need to consider when choosing?


NFC stickers open a range of possibilities for the user, really enjoy if you consider some things before buying. In order to achieve the greatest possible benefit, it is important to know on which surfaces the NFC sticker will later be affixed and what functions it should be equipped with.

NFC Aufkleber-Sticker mit Funktionen - SINNUP

NFC stickers also possible outdoors and on metal surfaces?

NFC stickers can be printed individually on the front, for example, it is also possible to print a QR code additionally. If the sticker needs to be UV or weather resistant, a Visdome® – 3D sticker is the perfect choice. The adhesive strength determines whether use on metal surfaces is possible or whether the sticker is firmly adherent or removable. Not every NFC tag is also suitable for metal surfaces, to ensure the readability of the chip it is necessary to include an additional shielding foil. As a result, when the tag is read out, the radiation is not dissipated via metal surfaces.

Program NFC tags yourself without APP

WLAN access, launching an app or opening a web link are just a few of the functions NFC has to offer. There is the possibility to buy NFC stickers ready-made and you only have to hold your smartphone to it. Alternatively, you can encode the NFC stickers yourself with an APP, which requires a certain basic know-how. Recently, there are also pre-assembled NFC stickers, if you touch them with your smartphone, you can specify which photos, links or texts should be saved and opened the next time you touch them.

What shapes and sizes are possible?

NFC chips have a minimum size, this is due to the antenna geometry to still guarantee optimal readability. There is always the possibility to purchase special sizes, but if you want to keep the price-performance ratio within limits, it is recommended to use a standard chip. These are available in sizes from e.g. diameter 22mm or 12 x19mm. The outer shape can again be designed almost arbitrarily as long as there is room for the chip in terms of area.

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