NFC begreifen in der SINNUP World

Grasping” NFC in the SINNUP WORLD


The abbreviation NFC is becoming more and more a household word in society, also since the replacement of ATM and credit cards last year, its familiarity has increased greatly. But how can I use the functions of NFC for myself, or rather, what is actually possible with NFC? It is primarily a very inexpensive and effective tool for digitizing and optimizing processes. You now have the opportunity to experience NFC live in our SINNUP-WORLD. In addition to our products from the store, current projects and ideas are also on display for inspiration.

SINNUP WORLD starts already at the entrance

You already have the option to connect to the in-house WLAN with a “TAP” (touching the smartphone with an NFC tool) at the beginning. TRIAL is very important here, all products can be tested with the NFC-enabled smartphone or a tablet. In addition, there are many info stickers in the room to call up detailed information. The room is divided into SINNUP’s three fields of activity. In the COMMUNICATION section, you will find all the advertising materials with which digital becomes tangible, so to speak, but there is also a work of art by Klaus Ludwig Kerstinger on display, where impressions of the work and the artist can be called up using NFC stickers. Under DOCUMENTATION you will find topics of a more technical nature, such as the digital nameplate, but also information dissemination with NFC infoboards at the point of sale. As the name suggests, the third pillar focuses on ADMINISTRATION. Products with invitation management, APP distribution, etc. are presented here.

Sinnup World startet bereits am Eingang - verbinden Sie Ihr hausgeigenes WLAN

Sketch ideas directly

The two bar tables invite to sketch the ideas right away and start a joint project. In SINNUP WORLD, visitors receive a lot of food for thought, and often the possibilities for their own implementation bubble up afterwards. The NFC voting at the exit rounds off the visit, here you can also already view the statistics from previous visitors.

We recommend combining the visit with a factory tour at ebets. In the same building, you can experience live how various advertising materials are manufactured and finished.

Make an appointment to visit us – we all look forward to seeing you.

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