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NFC becomes indispensable


NFC is an abbreviation for Near Field Communication based on RFID technology, which has been known for some time. NFC can be used over short distances of approx. 5 – 10 cm for data transmission. This technology is also already being used more frequently with debit and credit cards. This allows you to speed up the payment process in a supermarket. Most current smartphones are already NFC-enabled today. With this technology, you can adapt your smartphone to new circumstances without pressing any buttons by using special stickers called NFC tags.

NFC and payment

More and more people are using NFC in their everyday lives. Cashless payment with an EC card incl. NFC function is probably one of the most frequently used functions and offers advantages over the other identification options (e.g. magnetic strip plus signature or chip with PIN entry). When making a purchase with an NFC-enabled EC card, you no longer have to take the EC card out of your wallet, but can simply place the wallet on the terminal and pay very conveniently. The unnecessary “fumbling” when handling an EC card is now a thing of the past. In general, NFC technology has made cashless payments very easy and advanced, especially if you are at a resort and spending your vacation there. There they are offered various services that you can acknowledge with your NFC wristband, you do not need to carry credit cards or the like.

In this case, NFC is also an advantage for the department, because it can reduce many cash registers.

The Internet of Things Welcomes Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a simplification in the daily use of your smartphone. The adaptation options with an NFC-enabled smartphone in conjunction with programmed NFC tags are very extensive. For example, you place your smartphone on a programmed NFC tag and the volume or even the entire profile changes. When you take long trips in a car, your smartphone will open a navigation app when you place the smartphone in the car cradle. The cradle must also be equipped with a programmed NFC tag. With a bit of skill, you can also activate the WLAN or flight mode with the help of an NFC tag. You can also transfer larger files from one smartphone to another using NFC technology, even without an Internet connection.

What is interesting, however, is the access authorization for certain areas, events or entrance, combined with the constant possibility of information supply. Again, NFC is a simplification for both the customer and the provider of the service/information. Very quickly and without much effort, a provider can change the access authorization or exchange new information via NFC.

If you own an electric vehicle, there is no way around NFC technology

In the past, some charging stations had to be activated by calling a number, which could take several minutes. Today, you can unlock the charging station in seconds with your NFC key and charge your car immediately.

Thus, NFC technology once again builds a bridge to a key technology of the future.

NFC is changing our payment behavior, it is making our smartphones even smarter, and finally it is opening the doors to electromobility in our society. So get familiar, NFC is “THE NEXT BIG THING” and you can learn even more about NFC here.

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