Der Einkaufswagenlöser aus heimischem Holz als ideales Werbegeschenk

The shopping cart release made of domestic wood as an ideal promotional gift


The basic function of this elegantly shaped piece of wood is a shopping cart cart puller, which replaces the coin that would otherwise be required. The standard material is oak, but you can also choose cherry, maple or walnut wood. The wooden shopping cart release comes in both a round and narrow version. The quality is constantly controlled in the in-house production.

The wooden shopping cart solver giveaway

The piece of wood as a shopping cart cart is functional and has a distinctive design. On the keychain or in the purse, it is not only practical, but also welcome. This increases the chance that the recipient will always have the wooden shopping cart harvester. The giveaway stands for environmental friendliness, because the wood comes from local forests. Neither is the material imported nor is the production outsourced. This manufacturing method conveys the idea of sustainability in an incomparably credible and directly comprehensible way. By means of laser engraving the logo of your company is applied to the piece of wood. So the logo will be seen again by your customer every time they use the shopping cart shutter. You can almost hope that some of the recipients will forget their wooden shopping cart. Then your giveaway finds its way to another buyer and spreads its message further. Upon request, it is also possible to engrave the shopping cart cart on both sides and attach a cord. As far as the distribution of the giveaway is concerned, there are no limits to your imagination. Especially the narrow version can even be pasted on a postcard and reach its addressee.

A very special opportunity arises from combining the technically very simple piece of wood with high technology. An NFC chip can be integrated into the wooden shopping cart cart. This can then be used to open a link or contact via smartphone, for example.

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