Produktkennzeichnung für mehr Transparenz

Product labeling for more transparency in orders to get to know customers better and at the same time use as a compliance issue


How to counteract the gray market:

From the introductory sentence, one can already deduce a scenario, which is a recurring occurrence in the production of branded goods. If special NFC chips are used in production, the manufacturer can only produce as many products as he has NFC inlays available. Because the NFC chip can not be copied, with us there are also special chips that confirm the authenticity of the product.

Transparency of products from production to sale

Where does the product actually come from? When purchasing goods, the products have to be evaluated according to various criteria, be it from the health aspect or the quality claim. To regulate this, the business process is subject to standards, laws or other regulations. Often the whole thing is not easy to see through. We use digitalization for this purpose and equip our products with an NFC chip right at the beginning of the production chain.

This makes it possible to digitally map the entire production process. Test results, instructions, shipping documents, etc. can be displayed in different languages directly on the product and can also be added to again and again.

Get to know customers

It has never been so easy to be directly at the customer.

The new young consumer generation opens up new opportunities, because Millenials think and store differently than older generations – 90% of smartphone owners also use this while in the store. Thus, it is possible as a manufacturer or brand to establish direct contact with the customer, both in the sale and in the “after sale”.

Manufacturers & brands can gain direct relationships with their consumers before and after the sale.

The unique identification of each product through NFC enables a number of interesting new ways of marketing and services:

  • Turn physical products into a digital platform
  • Check if the sale is made outside authorized channels (detour to the gray market).
  • Verify authenticity when returned for repair
  • Offer extended warranty as a service when customers register
  • Capture CRM data for personalized digital marketing campaigns
  • Create incentives for customers to buy directly / online next time
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